Desktop Automation Made Simple With Karate Robot.

Did you know that Karate open source supports windows desktop automation?


Customer Reference

Robert Iwanik at Illumina shares their experience with Karate Robot for windows desktop automation.

Demo Videos

  • Clicking the native “File Upload” button in a Web Page -Link
  • details, code and explanation here
  • Clicking a button in an iOS Mobile Emulator -Link
  • Windows automation by natively accessing UI controls and the window / object tree -Link


  • Refer to the examples/robot-test project which is a stand-alone Maven project that can be used as a starting point
  • Opening a browser tab and performing actions -Link


If you are not that experienced with programming - or don’t want to set up a Java development environment, please look at the standalone JAR which you can run using Visual Studio Code.

Maven (or Gradle) users can read on below. Make sure you follow the Karate conventions and you can use the examples/robot-test project as a template.

The karate-robot capabilities are not part of the karate-core, because they bring in a few extra dependencies.

Get started with Karate Robot here.