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API Testing can solve specific problems that trouble the world of test-automation. It is widely discussed that teams struggle with the following:

  • icon Flaky tests
  • icon Keeping up with the pace of development “in-sprint”
  • icon Maintainability
  • icon Functional Regression Coverage
  • icon Performance Testing

Because of their nature, API test-automation suites are well suited to combat these challenges.

Why is API testing more relevant today?

HTTP APIs, especially REST and GraphQL, are acknowledged to be the most effective architectural pattern to expose and re-use core business-functionality for variety of reasons.

The simplicity, ubiquity and accessibility of HTTP means that it is supported by all platforms, all major languages or development platforms (such as Java, .NET, Python, JavaScript etc) or frameworks such as Spring Boot, Node Express, Python Django or Flask, Ruby on Rails and so on. The ability to stand up a REST server or call an HTTP service is considered a basic skill. Every device from computing nodes in the cloud to mobiles and IoT devices have the basic capability to make an HTTP client call.

HTTP has a clear advantage that it is the easiest way to establish connectivity between two computing-devices that may be separated by geography, operating system, and hardware. HTTP is given the “right of way” in typical firewall rules and allowing HTTP traffic while still enforcing security is something all organizations do with ease.

The product-development community has converged on the fact that APIs are the best way to re-use core-business functionality across a variety of consuming device profiles. For example, web-browsers, mobile-devices, or servers performing inter-service communication (similar to remote-procedure calls) – are typical API invocation paths within an enterprise.


Why Karate for API Testing?

Karate is the only open-source tool to combine API test-automation, mocks, performance-testing and even UI automation into a single, unified framework. The syntax is language-neutral, and easy for even non-programmers. Assertions and HTML reports are built-in, and you can run tests in parallel for speed.

There’s also a cross-platform stand-alone executable for teams not comfortable with Java. You don’t have to compile code. Just write tests in a simple, readable syntax - carefully designed for HTTP, JSON, GraphQL and XML. And you can mix API and UI test-automation within the same test script.

A Java API also exists for those who prefer to programmatically integrate Karate’s rich automation and data-assertion capabilities.

Why Karate?

Open-Source Unified Test Automation Plattform

Top Differentiators

API Assertions
API Assertions

Low-Code Schema Matching

API Assertions
End-user workflows

Designed to chain API calls & user actions

API Assertions
Data Driven Testing

Loop with ease and even use CSV files

API Assertions
Parallel Execution

10 times faster than single-threaded

API Assertions
Java Interop

Test DB calls, async,gRPC,Kafka etc.

API Assertions
Re-use as Perf. Tests

Save time instead of re-writing tests in a 2nd tool

API Assertions
Easy for non-programers

Product owner can contribute to tests.

Key Features


Real World Examples of Karate for API Testing https://github.com/karatelabs/karate#real-world-example