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Improving business performance through software development requires enterprises to empower developers, for not just speed but also to tap into the full potential of development talent. To get the best ROI from developers’ talent, best-in-class tools are a primary driver of developer velocity. A developer’s ability to access the right tools for each stage of the software life cycle contributes to developer satisfaction and ROI from the developer tools purchased.

Karate has been a top choice for developers, QA teams, and enterprise customers as we have delivered ROI by saving the time it takes to write tests for a single API (60% less code, 1 hour instead of 4), re-using API test-flows as performance tests, running parallel tests and unifying API & UI test automation.

How did we achieve this?

Karate was created keeping Developer Experience (DX) first and foremost. Karate makes test-scripts simpler, more readable, and maintainable by relying on an innovative combination of an interpreted DSL (Domain Specific Language), JSON support and JavaScript engine.

Plugins serve up ready-to-go solutions, saving a lot of developers a lot of time.

We released the official Karate-IntelliJ plugin in June 2022 with support for embedded JSON, JS and XML taking the DX to a new level. Dedicated support for the Karate keywords and API brings the keyword auto-complete experience and syntax-hints that developers care so much about. Teams can now write, debug, and maintain Karate tests even faster than before.

When migrating from Postman to Karate, teams can use our premium feature of importing Postman Collections and generating Karate tests.

There is lots more to our IntelliJ plugin. Click here to get started and check out the IntelliJ plugin kickstart videos.

Free Features

  • All open-source core features
  • Core syntax support, Code Formatting
  • Embedded Language Support
  • Run Tests / View Reports

From Zero to First API Test in IntelliJ.

Get started with the Karate IntelliJ plugin here.

Paid Upgrade

  • Code Folding
  • Autocomplete and Syntax Validation
  • Debug & Step-Through
  • Debug Java and Karate in same Session
  • Import API Data and generate Karate tests:
    • Postman Collections (including assertions)
    • OpenAPI / Swagger
    • cURL
    • HAR
  • Advanced Reports - API / HTTP calls

For guidance on how to use the premium features, refer to this video.

Visit our pricing section for details.

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