UI Test Automation Made Simple.

Karate’s standards compliant web-browser automation framework takes the pain out of UI automation and brings the fun back into your testing.

With a simple, carefully designed syntax that solves the challenges of flaky tests and waiting for elements to appear – Karate has been embraced by teams across the world.


Built upon the rock-solid foundation famous for API testing, Karate for UI automation has capabilities built-in such as assertions, tagging, comprehensive HTML reports and being able to run tests in parallel. You can mix and match API testing and UI testing within the same test flow and more effectively test your architecture. Get started in minutes using the IDE plugins and no programming experience is required.

Standard Supports

W3C WebDriver, Chrome DevTools

Cross Browser

Switch between browsers with just config

Stable Tests

Wait for elements, powerful API

Parallel Execution

Use Docker or cloud- based grids

Visual Testing

Self-hosted, local and low-latency

Assertion and Reports

Built-in along with tags, config and env. switching

Hybrid Testing

API and UI testing within same test



To understand how Karate compares to other UI automation frameworks, this article can be a good starting point: The world needs an alternative to Selenium - so we built one.

Web Browser
Mobile / Appium

Please consider Mobile support as experimental. But we are very close and there are some teams that use Karate for simple use-cases. Please contribute code if you can.


Please refer documentation for details on Configuration, Concepts and more.