Karate Labs


Karate Labs launched Karate Studio, a low-code SaaS (Software as a Service) to create high-fidelity API prototypes in minutes. Karate Studio combines the aspects of API design, API mocking, API testing and API documentation - into a single, unified and seamless user-experience. Karate Studio reduces the time spent collaborating on building a new API by up to 40% since consumers can try out the API in real time, while it is still being modelled. Since API documentation is derived from test-automation, it can automatically be kept in-sync with an API in production. This addresses a limitation of design-first approaches where API documentation tends to become out-dated, and more inaccurate as the production code evolves.


Karate Labs is a start-up co-founded by Peter Thomas who is the creator of Karate, a popular API test-automation framework, open-sourced in 2017. “The foundation of Karate Studio is the outcome of five years of research into how teams develop and test APIs” - said Peter on the occasion of the launch. “This battle-tested API automation and mock-server core, combined with the user-experience that we added in the form of Karate Studio - is how we have made API design easier and more accessible. Any team that needs to ship services of any kind, will start seeing the benefits from day one.”


Kapil Bakshi, co-founder and CEO of Karate Labs had this to say during the launch. “As we enter the API economy era, the need for organisations to digitize and automate workflows is even more imperative. Karate Studio is a way for enterprises to ship APIs faster, with greater confidence and quality, while ensuring that the developer experience for consuming teams, whether internal or external - is best in class. Karate Labs is in the infinite game. We are in the business to challenge ourselves every day and deliver the best value and experience to our customers.”