Dr. Martin Barnes invented the famous time/cost/quality triangle emphasising the importance of managing ‘quality’ besides time and cost.

In reality, things are different. Imagine the emotional cost of a developer having to stay late to finish a task. Ensuring a great developer experience (DX) helps one keep this emotional cost under control.

Karate was created by a developer keeping DX first and foremost. We recognise that DX encompasses all aspects of the developer’s interaction with tools and systems. The last thing a developer needs is yet another tool to download and deal with tedious onboarding and setup. Imagine a world where a developer gets the power of Karate right within the IDE of their choice, empowering the developer to get more done, particularly when they are in flow.

Karate elevates DX with our official VS Code Extension enabling teams to get started with zero set-up.

The Karate VS Code Extension key features:

  • Delegate to VS Code Java debug support when available.
  • Much better support for Java teams using Maven and Gradle projects.
  • No need to manually add a JAR file to your class path for debugging. The extension bundles the debug-server runtime.
  • Lightweight 3MB instead of 100MB since we don't bundle the Karate and Java runtimes.
  • Re-designed VS Code Launch Configuration support - this covers all use cases (switching environments, tags, threads) and we don't need the "run mode switcher".
  • Improved support for stand-alone JAR: point to a folder and all JAR's within it will be picked up. No-longer have to re-name JAR files and can keep the version-number in the JAR file for better visibility. Much easier to add any custom JAR files you may have to the mix. You have full control over which Karate version to use.
  • Simplified license-activation flow, fewer clicks, and less browser back-and-forth
  • Offline License Activation*: some teams prefer not to sign-in using a browser or leave the local network. This has also been requested by enterprises with strict security requirements. You will be able to activate the plugin by entering a license-key in true “air gapped” mode.

*additional price per user per year.

Karate believes that in the modern world the ability to write tests needs to be collaborative. As developers turn to ephemeral environments to immediately start coding, debugging, enhancing, and testing their code, Karate is ready – our plugins are supported in remote development environments such as GitHub Codespaces and Gitpod.


[*] coming soon

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Get started with the Karate VS Code extension here.

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