Improving business performance through software development requires enterprises to empower developers, for not just speed but also to tap into the full potential of development talent. To get the best ROI from developers’ talent, best-in-class tools are a primary driver of developer velocity. A developer’s ability to access the right tools for each stage of the software life cycle contributes to developer satisfaction and ROI from the developer tools purchased. Plugins serve up ready-to-go solutions, saving a lot of developers a lot of time.

The Karate IntelliJ plugin takes advantage of the latest IntelliJ IDEA features:

  • Works 100% in IntelliJ Community Edition
  • Small Footprint / High Performance: less than 3 MB.
  • Improved Syntax Support: parser was re-written to unify all of Karate’s capabilities, including the mixing of JavaScript. You will no-longer see warnings that variables declared in Karate are undefined in JavaScript blocks. Code formatting is greatly improved.
  • Initiate Karate Debug Session from Java: relevant for teams that use Java to start servers or messaging systems before commencing a test. You will be able to start a debug session how you normally do in Java and still stop at breakpoints in Karate files.
  • Console Hyperlinks: Test error stack traces can be clicked to take you directly to the line that failed.
  • Offline License Activation*: some teams prefer not to sign-in using a browser or leave the local network. This has also been requested by enterprises with strict security requirements. You will be able to activate the plugin by entering a license-key in true “air gapped” mode.
  • Consolidated Settings: settings and customization including license management will be within the unified plugin settings page integrated into the IntelliJ experience.

*additional price per user per year.

Check out video for demo of key features.


(includes all in PLUS)

[*] coming soon

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