Xplorer - an easy way to explore API's

APIs are all around us, and they perform useful work and expose core capabilities of your business. Whether your organisation is API-first or code-first when delivering software, there is a need for your team members to make ad-hoc calls to APIs and eyeball the responses without writing code. For example, product-owners can demo APIs to prospective consumers without the help of a developer. Another example is developers needing to check that their backend code is working as expected. Clearly, empowering your teams with an easy way to explore APIs - can elevate the overall quality of your end-user experience.

Since APIs are designed for computers to talk to each other – there is a challenge. The user-interface should abstract away the underlying complexity of HTTP and JSON as far as possible. Even someone with no programming experience should be able to make calls - and then make sense of the results. This is where a well-designed API exploration tool can make a huge difference.

Karate is an industry leading open-source test automation platform combining API testing , API performance testing , API mocks & UI testing. Use by 500+ companies including 76 of the Fortune 500, are a testimony to Karate making test automation simple and fun. We did this by making it exceptionally simple to write tests for both programmers.

Our enterprise users have time-and-again asked us to bring the power of Karate to give their designers, developers and product-owners - the ability to explore APIs.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Karate Xplorer, an API client developed by Karate Labs, giving enterprise teams the following features:

  • Call HTTP APIs without writing code
  • View responses in user-friendly tabular form
  • Quickly edit and re-try calls
  • Save calls to share or re-play later
  • Dynamically chain multiple calls
  • Switch between environments
  • Validate expected API behavior
  • Document API workflows
  • Save all data locally
  • Easily install and run locally
  • Call APIs on local-host or within your firewall

Refer to this page for a detailed feature-list so that you can compare Karate Xplorer with other options.

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