API Testing with Karate

API Testing can solve specific problems that trouble the world of test-automation. It is widely discussed that teams struggle with the following:

  • icon Flaky tests
  • icon Keeping up with the pace of development “in-sprint”
  • icon Maintainability
  • icon Functional Regression Coverage
  • icon Performance Testing

Because of their nature, API test-automation suites are well suited to combat these challenges.

Why Karate for API Testing?

Karate is the only open-source tool to combine API test-automation, API performance testing, API mocks and UI automation into a single, unified framework. The syntax is language-neutral, and easy for even non-programmers. Assertions and HTML reports are built-in, and you can run tests in parallel for speed.

There’s also a cross-platform stand-alone executable for teams not comfortable with Java. You don’t have to compile code. Just write tests in a simple, readable syntax - carefully designed for HTTP, JSON, GraphQL and XML. And you can mix API and UI test-automation within the same test script.

A Java API also exists for those who prefer to programmatically integrate Karate’s rich automation and data-assertion capabilities.

Unique Technical Advantage

API Assertions
API Assertions

Low-Code Schema Matching

API Assertions
End-user workflows

Designed to chain API calls & user actions

API Assertions
Data Driven Testing

Loop with ease and even use CSV files

API Assertions
Parallel Execution

10 times faster than single-threaded

API Assertions
Java Interop

Test DB calls, async,gRPC,Kafka etc.

API Assertions
Re-use as Perf. Tests

Save time instead of re-writing tests in a 2nd tool

API Assertions
Easy for non-programers

Product owner can contribute to tests.

Key Features


Real World Examples of Karate for API Testing https://github.com/karatelabs/karate#real-world-example