Visual Studio Code

We recognise that DX encompasses all aspects of the developer’s interaction with tools and systems. The last thing a developer needs is yet another tool to download and deal with tedious onboarding and setup. Imagine a world where a developer gets the power of Karate right within the IDE of their choice, empowering the developer to get more done, particularly when they are in flow. We did this with the launch of our IntelliJ plugin in June'22 and are pleased to announce the release of our official Visual Studio Code extension. Please download from your preferred marketplace.

Karate continues to elevate DX with our official plugins enabling teams to get started with Karate with zero set-up.


Karate believes that in the modern world the ability to write tests needs to be collaborative. That said, developers constantly struggle with remote teams, concurrent development, multiple dependencies, leading to unnecessary friction in their workflows. To feel in control, developers are turning to ephemeral environments to immediately start coding, debugging, enhancing, and testing their code. Karate is future ready – our plugins are supported in remote development environments such as GitHub Codespaces, GitLab and Gitpod.





  • API and UI / browser automation

  • Syntax coloring

  • Embedded JS highlighting

  • Run test (CodeLens)

  • Color log output

  • Open HTML report from log

  • Extra run modes

    • Maven

    • Custom (e.g. for Gradle)

  • Remote environments (e.g. Codespaces, Gitpod)


Pro Upgrade

  • Debug test (CodeLens)

  • File Explorer context menu

    • Select multiple tests to run

    • Run all tests in directory

    • Start mock server

  • Activity bar menu item for Karate

  • Run options control panel

    • Switch run mode

    • Set Karate CLI options (e.g. environment, tags, parallel threads)

    • Stop mock servers

  • Open HTML report within IDE


Pro (Coming Soon)

  • Auto-complete

  • Syntax validation

  • Extra reports

    • HTTP request / response

    • HTTP API coverage

  • API importer

    • cURL

    • HAR

    • Postman collections

    • OpenAPI / Swagger

  • No-code

    • API request builder

    • API mock builder

    • Assertion builder

  • Record API tests from browser