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Studio is an open-core extension to Karate and delivers a low-code experience for test-automation. While the open-source project has seen adoption by mostly those who can write code, we want to make test-automation easy for Product-Owners and QA specialists. Studio is part of that vision. 

The demand for APIs, fuelled by new business models and urgency of modernization, has given way to the market facing a growing problem; testing APIs is needlessly complex and existing tooling makes cross-team collaboration hard. API specifications exist but require expertise and experience to master. Tools seem to overly focus on design, but leave test-automation and documentation for later.

Studio's API Data Importer can:

  1. Import all leading data-sources of APIs such as Postman collections, Swagger, OpenAPI, HAR and cURL. Once imported into Studio, you can preview the sequence and edit it using an intuitive no-code user-interface.

  2. Export an API sequence as a ready-to-run Karate feature file that you can integrate into your existing CI / CD or DevOps pipeline. This way Studio accelerates the creation of API tests.

  3. If you already have a set of Postman collections, you can migrate them to Karate and get the benefits of parallel-execution, easier yet more powerful assertions and performance-testing.

  4. Complementary to other tools that you may be using. For example, if team-members prefer Postman for exploratory testing, they can use Studio to convert the draft collections into full-fledged API automation suites, complete with assertions for complex business-logic and then use them in your regression test-suites. Studio can also export back to Postman if needed.

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