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Enterprises passionate about user experience where APIs are a core differentiator for their business, NEED to ensure that end-to-end testing simulates end-user flows accurately. This means, automation of tests is critical for being able to release customer-benefit faster and more often – for competitive advantage.


The problem is the existing solution and framework providers have taken the FUN out of test-automation and made it harder than it should be. Existing solutions depend on programming languages not suited for this task. What adds to the complexity within teams is the fragmentation of test automation tools used for API & UI testing. 


This gave birth to Karate as an open-source solution unifying API & UI testing. 

Since the first version of Karate was released five years ago, we have become a top choice for developers. 


350,000 monthly downloads, 6200 GitHub stars and use by 37 of the Fortune 500, are a testimony of Karate removing  friction from the developer experience (DX). We did this by making it exceptionally simple to write tests (low code), simulating end-user workflows accurately, re-using API tests as performance tests, parallel execution, and collaboration via Git. 









Karate has a reputation for being easy to read and thus very maintainable. This is an often overlooked aspect of choosing a test-framework, because test-suites are used for continuous-integration  as long as the API is live in production.

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