Karate Labs : EuroSTAR 2023 Platinum Partner


Enterprises passionate about user experience where APIs are a core differentiator for their business, need to ensure that end-to-end testing simulates end-user flows accurately. This means, automation of tests is critical for being able to release customer-benefit faster and more often – for competitive advantage. The problem is the existing solution and framework providers have taken the fun out of test-automation and made it harder than it should be. Existing solutions depend on programming languages not suited for this task. What adds to the complexity within teams is the fragmentation of test automation tools used for API & UI testing.

Karate is an industry leading open-source test automation solution unifying API & UI test automation. What started as a powerful, scriptable framework combining API and UI test automation, is adopted as a best-practice today – in teams around the world. Karate has 6900 GitHub stars and is used by 415+ companies including 42 of the Fortune 500 companies.

Karate has its own Domain Specific Language, which is better suited to writing tests, with 60% less code and in one-fourth the time. Karate also has powerful assertions, runs tests in parallel, and can re-use API tests as performance tests.