Karate, the black belt of HTTP API testing?

Bertrand Delacretaz


In a world of HTTP-based services, testing HTTP APIs efficiently becomes more and more important. Karate provides a simple and expressive scripting language that allows for writing such tests in a natural and very readable way.

In this talk we'll use Karate to test Sling-based HTTP APIs, demonstrating how expressive and readable Karate tests can be, with the goal of using them as reference documentation for our HTTP APIs. Our examples will be available in the Sling Whiteboard for you to play with.

We'll also demonstrate Karate extensions such as performance testing, mocking services and access to Java classes for unlimited extensibility.

About the speaker

Bertrand Delacretaz (http://grep.codeconsult.ch/) works as a Principal Scientist with the Adobe Research team in Basel, Switzerland. He's involved in software design and development for Adobe Experience Manager and the Adobe Experience Cloud, where Apache projects like Sling, Oak, Felix and Lucene play a key role. Bertrand is currently (2018-2019) on his tenth term as a member of the Apache Software Foundation's Board of Directors, active in the Sling project and is or has been an Incubation Mentor for many projects including Wicket, Pig, Tika, NetBeans and OpenWhisk.