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GitHub Technology Partner

January 25, 2023

Karate Labs, the leading open-source test automation solution provider, has been selected by GitHub as a GitHub Technology Partner, providing its clients the ability to get the power of Karate in GitHub Codespaces.

Companies of all sizes have built their businesses on APIs and the demand for APIs will continue to rise due to the ever-increasing need to design cutting-edge features and services. This means, automation of tests is critical for being able to release customer-benefit faster and more often – for competitive advantage.Karate is an open-source solution unifying API testing, API performance testing, API mocks and UI testing. Over 415 companies including 42 of the Fortune 500 companies using Karate is a testimony to Karate removing friction from the developer experience (DX). We did this by making it exceptionally simple to write tests (low code), simulating end-user workflows accurately, re-using API tests as performance tests, parallel execution, and collaboration via Git.

Karate elevates DX with our official IntelliJ plugin and Visual Studio Code extension enabling teams to get started with zero set-up. Karate believes that in the modern world the ability to write tests needs to be collaborative. As companies move to hosted environments in the cloud, Karate plugins are supported in GitHub Codespaces.

Watch how you can run a Karate API test directly in GitHub Codespaces using the official Karate Visual Studio Code extension. Head over to to get started.
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